Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shade of Blue...

1. Short Strapless Formal or Prom Dress


3. Sew on fabric flower applique embellishmens

4. Gorgeous Blue Butterfly Necklace

5. Teal and Peacock Peep Toe Satin Heels

6. Sea and sunshine Gigi purse

I found those beautiful items while browsing thru ETSY for Turquoise Blue...

They are so beautiful that I can't wait to share with you...


  1. Beautiful choices! There's so much creativity and diversity on Etsy. Thank you for including my upcycled prom dress here. It's an honor to be on your lovely blog.

    Redress Clothing

  2. Those are all lovely, but I am especially smitten with the Bridal Turquoise Blossoms.

  3. great pics! I love those turquoise peacock shoes :)

  4. What and lovely selection! I love those butterfly necklaces. I came across them the other day, they really are stunning!

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