Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shop Packaging...

Just want to share with you how I package my beautiful little things...
This way of packaging is for Charm Necklaces.
I'll share with you on Earrings, Ear Studs and Flower Cabochon Necklaces Packaging in near future...
I love beautiful packaging and if you want to share your way of packaging, do drop me a note at


  1. Love the packaging! Very lovely! Love to be featured on your blog :-) Take a look at my shop: Thank you for your consideration! Helen

  2. Such attenion to detail, alway a very nice touch.

  3. Love it..nice packaging. Following now..check out our blog as well..

  4. Beautiful packaging! I always love seeing how other people wrap up their lovely things... and the owl is super cute too!

  5. Very nice! I love how a simple brown paper bag can turn our so pretty.


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