Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Picks for Today

1. Personalized Pink/Chocolate Diaper Bag by sewcialcharm
2. Sterling silver etched tree of life necklace by JustJaynes
3. TREES OF PINK FOREST - Button magnet set by rafikasuhandi
4. Carnelian and Bronze Pear Earrings by LuraJewelry

Beautiful Fine Art Photos...

I love to browse around ETSY for beautiful fine art photos...
These are what I've found today...
Tiny Treasures - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph by HeyZee
Waiting in the wind - 11x14 Fine Art Photograph by karcharz
Sunday bike ride- 10x10 fine art photograph by Raceytay

Season's bounty... pumpkins fine art photo by leapinggazelle

Shade of Seafoam...

1. Seafoam Shell Bowl by LennyMud
2. Seafoam green Love heart - mini wall art - mosaic by Sigmosaics
3. Seafoam Ribbon Flower by ffflowers
4. Wrens hand embroidered spring birds in white twin frames by HAREandDRUM
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