Friday, October 22, 2010

Yummy Macarons...

Afternoon Tea - 5 x 7 Matt Photo Print by CityOfBlackbirds

Macaron Study 2 Photography Print by GreatFullDay

Les Macarons - 9x6 Fine Art Print by arretemoncoeur

Macarons Rainbow - Arles, France - 8 x 10 - Fine Art Photography by magalerie

8x8in fine art print - Sweet Macarons by kristakeltanen


  1. Those are gorgeous photos. I've never had a macaron, but those photos have got me desperate to try one.

  2. Thank you for listing my photo! -krista

  3. these pics make me so hungry! :D
    gorgeous images.. really.

  4. Thanks a lot Eaindar for including my Macarons Rainbow photo with these beautiful pictures !
    What a coincidence, I had a tea time at Ladurée today with a friend of mine and ate four macarons. How fun !

  5. Yes ! They all look sooooo delicious, I have never had one either. Looking forward to trying some soon too : )


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