Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Soaps...

1. Small Green Caramel Apple-Glycerin Soap by KcSoapsNmore
2. Apricot Seed Gardener's Soap Scrub 4 ounce Bar by pepperapothecary
3. 3 Autumn Scented Pumpkin Leaf Soaps AND Simmering Autumn Potpourri by WhysperFairy
4. Coffee Time (Chocolate Espresso Felted Soap) by SoFino
5. Honey Almond Goat Milk Soap, Handmade Natural Soap, Shell Shape by SweetSallysSoaps
6. Handmade Soap - Goat's Milk Waterlily by neatTreats

Isn't it amazing that Soaps can look sweet and yummy?


  1. Wow! Those *are* all beautiful soaps. Great finds!

  2. Coffee Time is awesome!

    Thanks for posting on my blog thread. I hope you'll stop by and comment on my blog too!


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