Monday, May 10, 2010

Colorful World...

1. Stylish wooden necklace by byaisling
2. Vintage Striped Carnival Tent Pin Cushion by minusOne
3. Pastel hanging ball - decorative mosaic by Sigmosaics
4. A Little colorful Peacock Print by dekanimal


  1. I'm so happy for all the color I'm seeing now. The trees are finally greening and I have fresh geraniums on my kitchen window sill. Your blog seems all about spring! Thanks for finding and featuring my vintage pin cushion. I love color!

  2. I love that pastel hanging ball. It's so cute. :)

  3. hello crafty dreams, thanks by putting my 'by aisling' piece in your lovely blog. will defo be dropping by again.
    aisling xxx

  4. thank you so much for featuring my hanging ball here (and thank you Erin for your lovely comment). A beautiful array of color in these gorgeous selections - I seriously LOVE the peacock print! Have a fabulous week, Kerrin x

  5. I just love that peacock print. The use of pattern is great.


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