Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shade of Fuchsia...

1. Fuchsia Fury - Bridal Feather Hair piece by sibodesigns
2. Madelyn - Flower Cabochon and Swarovski Pearl Necklace by earringsnation

3. Fuchsia satin slip Dress by decadentdesignz

4. NEW Cerridwyn Hobo w/adjustable strap Berrylicious by hypernoodle

5. Fuchsia Victorian Waist Reducing Corset with Lace Detail by BluePumpkinCorsetry

6. Handmade Organza Flowers FUCHSIA 12 pieces by supplier


  1. Beautiful finds :-) I'd love to be featured! I am following :-)

  2. wow stunning fuschias! oh how i miss my corset wearing days! lol!


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