Monday, March 8, 2010

Interview with Sheryl from Hand Painted Petals

Tell us a bit about yourself
Sheryl Lear Shuminsky
Hand Painted Petals
Bastrop, Texas (East of Austin)

Hand Painted Petals is the name I chose for my shop because it captures what I do: paint petals!

One of my favorite things to do is be outside. To me, flowers are a bit of heaven on earth, and painting and flowers is a perfect combination. I taught myself to paint after a brain injury in January, 2000. After the accident, my "brain dents" left me unable to read or write. (I prefer the term "brain dents" instead of "brain injury" because it's much less frightening and off-putting).

What makes you became an artist?
During my rehab, I turned to gardening for solace and searching for God (I learned He was there all along), and was especially drawn to roses. Simply touching the earth had a very calming effect. Sometimes when I get discouraged from the brain dents, the recurring thought is, “I need to paint.” The creative process and tactile nature of painting has been an important part of my recovery thus far.

When did you start selling at ETSY?
Last fall, I had the opportunity to really focus on my painting and develop a business. I signed on with Etsy in November, 2009, and have greatly enjoyed the artist community there, especially the Christian Artists Street Team, Createability Team and Texas Etsy Crafters.

What is your favourite product from your shop and why?

Whenever I paint, I think about the person who will receive the item. My favorite products to create are the wine glasses (I love how the light shines through the paint, like a stained glass window) and the jewelry boxes (I think about the treasures that might go inside, and all the experiences that make a life). One of my favorite jewelry boxes is this one:

How do you promote your work?

Much of my work is referrals and word of mouth.

Where else can we find your products other than ETSY?

Online, my work is available at my Etsy shop ( and also on my Facebook page (!/pages/Hand-Painted-Petals/183903732313?ref=ts)

Shop link:

Facebook link:!/pages/Hand-Painted-Petals/183903732313?ref=ts

My motto is by the cartoon character Ziggy:

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or You can rejoice because 'thorns' have roses.”

I hope you’ll enjoy my work.

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  1. Thank you very much, Eain dar, for honoring me so on your blog! It's a lovely blog with so many beautiful items from lots of locations. Thanks again. Sheryl


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