Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interview with Sasha and Veronika from Herbolution

Tell us a bit about yourself
We are Sasha and Veronika, couple of Ukrainian origin – owners of Herbolution that is located in New Jersey. From name of our shop you could guess that our products are made from herbs :) We do our best to provide the purest and most beneficial power of herbs to our customers through our skin care, aromatherapy and household accessories. And we care about environment as much as about our customers. All our products are made with conscious attitude to Earth and care about condition of our soil. Our products are made of 100% natural ingredients and organic or wildcrafted when possible. All formulas are carefully created to experience full potential of Nature's power of herbs and our packaging is designed to give pleasure of feeling proud to support eco-conscious business.

What makes you became an artist?
Love of herbs and Nature was seeded in our hearts from early childhood and was growing and maturing ever since. The desire to express our creativity through body care products and everyday household items was just a matter of time. So we couldn't hold that passion inside and Herbolutions is what burst out from that need :)

When did you start selling at ETSY?
We started actively selling on Etsy about 4 months ago and immediately fit in to handmade community. We like the attitude of customizations and individual approach to every product and this is all over Etsy :) Etsy customers value our hand made products and are generous on bombastic feedbacks full of sweet words and detailed experiences.

What is your favorite product from your shop and why?
We enjoy every products that we make and equally value them. But the more time and effort we input to a products the more dear it is to us :), so we could name our line of Solid Love Butters (Patchouli, Rose, Chocolate), our line of organic ergonomic wrist supports for computers, Golden purity Serum, wall Eco-Calendar, our gorgeous set of Cleansing Grains, etc. and we use most of our products on our everyday life.

How do you promote your work?
Our attitude and efforts do most of the promoting job, thus we have many return customers, but we also use Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, our website and Etsy's promotional tools like treasuries, voter, showcases, teams, etc.

Where else can we find your products other than ETSY?
We also sell products on our website at,, and few other marketplaces.


  1. Great interview! Always a pleasure to get to know artists behind the avatar just a bit better :) and I just love their products! Go Eco :)

  2. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to tell about ourself!


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